I re-opened for deep tissue massage treatments on 13th July 2020, with robust COVID-19 health and safety measures in place in my well ventilated, sunny treatment room.

If you have booked a treatment, please make sure you read the important health and safety information below carefully before your appointment. This is to help keep you, me and our communities safe.

I am committed to supporting my clients with their health and wellbeing, and that includes taking all reasonable steps to limit their exposure to coronavirus infection while on the Reset Mind and Massage premises. In order to ensure that my treatments are as safe as possible for everyone, I have:

  • completed specific COVID-19 training tailored to manual therapists
  • conducted a full risk assessment for both massage therapy and life coaching treatments
  • written and implemented a COVID-19 health and safety policy that meets the requirements of both the Government and the professional massage and coaching associations I am a member of
  • introduced changes to my procedures, in the interests of everyone’s safety, making my business COVID-19 secure

The main changes you as the client need to be aware of

  1. I will contact you the day before or on the morning of your appointment to check whether you have symptoms of coronavirus, and whether you have recently been in contact with anyone showing symptoms or who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  2. It is very important that you cancel your treatment if you have coronavirus symptoms or have tested positive in the last 14 days, if you have been in contact with someone who is infected or showing symptoms, or if you have recently been to a country requiring a period of self-isolation on your return. You will not be charged for any appointment cancelled for this reason.
  3. If you are in the high risk category in relation to COVID-19 and are shielding, or were shielding recently, or have any condition that makes you particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, for your own safety, I will not be able to see you at this time. If you are in the moderate risk category in relation to COVID-19 (for example if you are over 70 but have no underlying health conditions, if you are diabetic or have a lung condition such as asthma that is not severe, and you are otherwise in good health), I would ask you to consider, before booking an appointment, the increased risk to your health of complications from contracting coronavirus.
  4. When you arrive, please ring the doorbell and wait on the driveway outside the front door. If you are early, please wait in your car or on the driveway outside until your appointment time. While you are still outside, I will take your temperature using a contactless thermometer and will record and store this information as part of your client records, in line with my Privacy Policy.
  5. I will ask you to leave your shoes at the front door.
  6. I will ask you to wash your hands when you arrive and before you leave.
  7. I will be wearing protective PPE, including a face mask and a face visor.
  8. Please bring your own face mask. If you forget, or do not have a face mask, I will provide one for a cost of £1.00, which will be added to the cost of your treatment. I would ask that you wear a face mask for the whole time that you are on the premises, except when you are lying face down, in which case, you may remove the mask if your prefer.
  9. Please bring your own bottle of water, as I am unable to provide refreshments for health and safety reasons.
  10. My treatment room is very well ventilated and I will leave at least one window open during the treatment. This is an important part of reducing the risk of contracting or spreading coronavirus.
  11. I will not be treating the face or head, in line with health and safety requirements.
  12. I will ensure there is at least 30 minutes between client appointments, so that I can fully clean and ventilate the treatment area and ensure there is never more than one client on the premises at any time. All surfaces with which clients have contact will be cleaned, and all linen (towels, couch covers) will be changed after every client. Between treatments I will fully ventialte the treatment room and open the blinds to allow the sun in, as UV light is thought to help eliminate the virus.
  13. While, as you can see, I am taking every precaution to limit your exposure to coronavirus, I cannot guarantee that there is no risk from attending for a massage treatment. I will request and record your understanding of this and your consent in your treatment notes.
  14. I may in the future be required to provide client data to the Government, or agents acting on their behalf, as part of their COVID-19 tracking and tracing activity. I have added this to my Privacy Policy on my website and I will ask you to sign a new and dedicated disclaimer form relating to this.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this information, and thank-you in advance for your patience as we all  get used to a new way or working in the interests of protecting our own health, and that of our community.

I look forward to seeing you for your appointment, and in the meantime, keep safe and well.


Take some ‘me time’ and discover the benefits of deep tissue  massage for relaxtion, recovery and rehabilitation.

Deep Tissue Massage treatments

Relaxing deep tissue massages for relaxation, recovery or rehabilitation. To de-stress and re-energise your body and mind:

Relaxing full body deep tissue massage – 1 hour, £45
Indulge in my signature deep tissue Balinese massage with your choice of aromatherapy oils

Legs, back, neck and shoulder massage – 45 minutes, £35
Alleviates sore muscles and eases tension in the areas most prone to stiffness

Discounts for block bookings of 3 or 5 massage treatments

  • Block of 3 x 1 hour full body massages £120
  • Block of 5 X 1 hour full body massages £190

Professionally printed gift vouchers make a fabulous present for a loved one. Order your gift voucher here.

Relaxing deep tissue massage

What is deep tissue massage and what are the benefits?

The deep tissue massage I practise fuses together techniques from ancient Ayurvedic, Indonesian and Swedish traditions to deliver a truly relaxing and health-enhancing treatment. It uses a combination of long strokes, kneading, skin rolling, stretching and pressure point activation. It is an excellent destresser and is firm , deep and relaxing without being painful.

The benefits of deep tissue massage are to:

  • promote the healing process after intense exercise or injury
  • improve range of movement
  • reduce stress and relieve everyday anxiety
  • relax your mind and body – time out for you as part of your self-care
  • soothe sore muscles
  • boost circulation (both blood and lymph)
  • help you sleep better
  • improve skin tone
  • promote an overall sense of wellbeing

Why Balinese massage?

A couple of years ago I was in the Gili Islands in Indonesia enjoying an incredible Balinese massage next to the ocean, and I made a promise to myself that I would return to Bali and learn how to give other people a similar lovely, relaxing massage experience.

I kept that promise and a couple of years later I studied traditional Balinese massage at the award winning, CIBTAC accredited Jamu Spa School in Nusa Dua, Bali. It’s a professional school with very high standards and I was lucky enough to learn from some of Indonesia’s most experienced tutors. http://jamuspaschool.com/

Professionally printed gift vouchers make a fantastic present. Order your gift voucher here.

Why not combine deep tissue massage with life coaching, NLP or hypnotherapy to help you de-stress mentally and physically, resetting your mind as well as your body.


Treatment room

Massage treatments are given in a beautiful Balinese style room in Lower Parkstone, Poole, with massages also available on a sunny balcony outside when the weather allows. There is always off-road parking, you are welcome to use our shower facilities and treatments are available throughout the week, including weekends and evenings.

‘My first visit to Reset Mind and Massage for a treat with the lovely Cheryl. Stress free onsite parking available and a lovely welcome on arrival. Really large treatment room, not like other small salons that I’ve visited. A very relaxed environment and full consultation in an informal atmosphere.

I enjoyed a one hour relaxing full body massage with essential oils which was so relaxing, it involved my legs, feet, arms, back, shoulders, face and head …. Just heavenly !! Cheryl also discussed any health concerns and I left with some handy helpful tips … I’ll be seeing you again soon’

Shelley Pearce, Bournemouth, Dorset


Question: Which parts of the body do you massage?

Answer: The full body massage includes the legs, feet, back, shoulders, arms, hands, upper chest, neck, head and face. I will also massage the stomach if the client requests this. I will avoid any area the client prefers me not to touch. My shorter massage treatments allow you to choose focus areas such as legs, or back, neck and shoulders.

Question: What if I don’t like people touching my stomach or my feet?

Answer: That’s quite common and totally fine. I will ask you before the start of the massage if there is anywhere you would prefer me to avoid and I will make sure I don’t go near that area.

Question: Who conducts the massages?

Answer: The massages are always conducted by me (Cheryl). I am qualified to conduct Balinese massage and am fully insured. I will never surprise you with a massage therapist you weren’t expecting at the last minute!

Question: What if I feel uncomfortable stripping off in front of someone I don’t know?

Answer: I will give you a large Balinese sarong to cover yourself up before the start of the massage and I will use this to keep you mostly covered up throughout the massage. I will ask you to strip down to your pants (I leave the room while you do this), but if you prefer to keep your bra on (if you wear one) that’s fine. I will only ever uncover the part that I’m working on. Some of the massage moves are actually done through the sarong, which I’m told by clients feels really good. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the treatment room is Balinese style with relaxing, low level lighting.

Question: What if I haven’t shaved my legs?! Or I haven’t had a shower?

Answer: Just relax and enjoy. It really doesn’t matter and I don’t mind at all. Believe me, I’m totally used to it and I’ve seen it all before! If you’d like to have a shower first, I have shower facilities next to my treatment room that you can use.

Question: What if I prefer not to talk during a massage?

Answer: That’s no problem at all, I totally get that some people find it more relaxing to have an hour of peace and quiet. At the start of the massage I will give you the choice of both of us being quiet throughout the massage. Some of my clients even fall asleep!