Much has been written about the impact of COVID-19. It has taken up almost all of the media air-space, and most of our headspace, over the last three months. Some of the content we have seen is shocking, some of it is practical and some of it is truly inspirational.

I have come to the conclusion that our response to the pandemic is highly personal, and is different for everyone. Each person will experience it and deal with it in their own indiviudal way. There is no single set of tips or guidance that will work for everyone.

So I have decided simply to share my personal reflections on the story so far, as at 9th June 2020, almost three months into lockdown, in the form of a poem.

The Viral Spiral – An Ode to Kindness in COVID-19

Why bother? You say, to write in this way
‘Bout a hideous virus, that threatens to drive us
To our limits and maybe beyond.
And yes, I agree, it’s not easy to see
Rays of light in our morbid fight
With this covert enemy.

And yet, don’t forget
The human kindness that spirals inside us
And comes to the fore, like with Captain Moore,
Who so humbly did inspire us.
And the lessons we’ve learned
While, locked down, we have yearned
To be free as we were before.
Looking out for our neighbours and rainbowing favours
On those trapped behind closed doors.

And remember it’s those viral cells
That sounded the alarm bells
To stir us from our selfish sleep,
Showing us we need not keep
Pillaging our Mother Earth,
With needless miles, and pointless piles
Of blingy things with little worth.

As lockdown lifts and our ‘normal’ shifts,
Let’s make do with less, and do our best
To keep the good, and stay
Living each and every day
With solidarity, not solitude,
Instead of greed, do gratitude,
Being kind to nature all the way.